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Soils of part of the Kalkee Plains - Report No. 53

The following report "Soils of part of the Kalkee Plains - Report No. 53", March 1977, by N. S. Badawy of the former Department of Agriculture, Victoria report describes soil surveys of an area representing approximately 1,500 square kilometres bounded by Dimboola, Horsham, Rupanyup and Warracknabeal, in the Wimmera Region of Victoria. The region produces about 40 per cent of the State’s crop every year, with an average yield of approximately two tonnes per hectare.

General information, including location, climate and vegetation of the area, is outlined in some detail. Land use and management, with particular reference to soil fertility-crop rotation relationships and the extent to which soil properties in the area affect land use, are considered briefly. Special attention has been given to the significance of microscale variation and complexity of soil type in the area.

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Image:  Soils of part of the Kalkee Plains - No. 53 front page
Front Page and Table of Contents (PDF 108KB)
Section 1 - Scope and Purpose of the Investigation (PDF 487KB)
Section 2 - General Information about the Area (PDF 200KB)
Section 3 - Land Use and Management (PDF 102KB)
Section 4 - Mapping Units (PDF 111KB)
Section 5 - Soil Types (PDF 356KB)
Section 6 - Landscape Units and Soil Associations (PDF 462KB)
Section 7 - Physical and Chemical Properties (PDF 529KB)
Section 8 - Soil Relationships & References (PDF 139KB)
Appendix I - Definition of Soil Terms (PDF 121KB)
Appendix II - Distribution of Mapping Units and Soil Type Areas of Mapping Units on the Soil Type Map (PDF 109KB)
Appendix III - Site and Soil Descriptions and Analytical Data for representative profiles (PDF 176KB)
Appendix IV - Soil Survey Methods (PDF 106KB)

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