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This page essentially provides links to content elsewhere on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and websites which are the definitive sources for water information in Victoria.

Status of Water Resources and Supplies

Monthly reports on: rainfall, streamflows, water storages, groundwater levels, urban restrictions, irrigation restrictions, irrigation allocations and seasonal climate outlook (DELWP website).

Access to Water

There are a number of links provided to content on the website which is the definitive source for water information in Victoria.
Aerial photo showing a riverine landscape in north central Victoria
Riverine landscape in north central Victoria

Water Resources Management

links to information on the DELWP website

Information on the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) Review

Water Resources Data

Groundwater resource reports on DELWP website - find aquifer information for any area of Victoria

Water Resource Monitoring

Data and information on river and wetland health monitoring is available on the Index of Condition System website.

Data and information on community water monitoring is available on the Waterwatch Victoria website.

see also Land and Water Management on VRO

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