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National Adaptation and Mitigation Initiative (NAMI) at Longerenong

Nitrous Oxide is more than 300 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Australian agriculture contributes a significant proportion of Australia's nitrous oxide emissions, and most of these are from soils.

This project seeks to investigate options for managing emissions from soils

  • What options are available to Australian dryland farmers?
  • To what extent can farmers reduce their farm emissions?
This project is looking at relevant options for each of the study regions - raised beds, nitrification inhibitors and fertiliser management in the high rainfall zone, and Nitrogen source and tillage technique in the medium rainfall zone, to identify which strategies may be of use to farmers to adapt to, and mitigate against, increasing climate variability.
Aerial photograph of the SCRIME experimental site at Longerenong
Aerial photograph of the NAMI experimental site at Longerenong

Landscape visualisation

To take a better look at the NAMI research site, use your keyboard and mouse to navigate the experimental area. To zoom in or out, left mouse click inside the panorama and use the mouse's 'scroll wheel' (if you have one) or press and hold 'Shift' or 'Ctrl'. To explore the landscape, click and hold the left mouse button on the landscape and move the mouse left, right, up or down or use 'cursor keys'.

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Icons used in landscape visualisation


Soil pit


Aerial photograph

If you experience any problems with the interactive panorama click outside the landscape and press 'Ctrl' and 'F5'.

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Click on icons appearing in the landscape for access to photographs, further information and other panoramas in this experimental area.
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