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Native Pastures

The findings of a survey of native pastures in the Upper Wimmera is complete after two years of information collection.

The report ‘Upper Wimmera native pasture benchmark survey 2006’ (prepared by Julie Andrews, formerly of DPI Stawell) details the findings of a field survey that investigated native grasses growing on hill and granite salinity recharge areas in the upper Wimmera region. The report also includes the results of interviews with 35 graziers utilising native pastures. The interviews covered past management, current grazing management and native grass knowledge.

As a benchmark, the report proposes future activities to help improve native pasture management for increased perennially and ground cover as well as productivity.

Julie notes that ‘there were some surprising findings - for example, the high rates of summer to autumn de-stocking of hill country and the limited grass identification skills’. The wide distribution of wallaby grass on over 90% of the surveyed sites emphasises its persistent and hardy nature.
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Upper Wimmera Native Pasture Benchmark Survey 2006

Upper Wimmera Native Pasture 2006LR.pdf
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