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Hydrosols (Australian Soil Classification) cover a wide range of soils that are seasonally or permanently saturated (for at least 2-3 months per year).

Hydrosols in the West Gippsland Region

    This overview map of Hydrosols in the West Gippsland region has been developed from more detailed regional soil/landform mapping (Sargeant and Imhof, In press). It shows areas where Hydrosols are most likely to occur within the region and should only be used as a general indication of their distribution. Note that other soil types may also occur within these mapped areas.

Photo: Site GP14 Profile
Dermosolic Hydrosol near Ellinbank.

    Many of the soils in the valley floors across the region are Hydrosols. These tend to be Dermosolic in nature (in that apart from their seasonal saturation, fulfil the requirements of a Dermosol). Extratidal and Intertidal Hydrosols also occur along the coast in the southern parts of the region.
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