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Soils of the Macalister Research Farm

This report - "Soils of the Macalister Research Farm" conducted in 1962 by J. W. Newell of the former Department of Agriculture, describes the area of 120 acres covers allotments 42, 42A, 43, Parish of Tinamba, County Tanjil. It closely adjoins earlier surveys of part of the Parishes of Tinamba, Winnindoo, Denison and Woundellah by Skene and Walbran in 1948 (Dept. Agric. Vic. Tech. Bull. No. 7).

This present report should be read in conjunction with Bulletin No. 7, and also with Technical Bulletin No. 8 (Skene and Walbran 1949), covering parts of the Parishes of Nuntin and Bundalaguah, and with Soil Survey Report No. 26 (T. Poutsma 1956) covering a further part of the Parish of Nuntin.

A soil map showing the distribution of soil types on the Farm accompanies this report.

To view the information PDF requires the use of a PDF reader. This can be installed for free from the Adobe website (external link).

Image:  Soils of the Macalister Research Farm
Soils of the Macalister Research Farm in the Central Gippsland Irrigation District.pdf
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