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Soil Management Guides for Sustainable Agriculture

These booklets were prepared by the former Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 1990 as part of a former National Soil Conservation Program (NSCP) funded project. The booklets aim to provide a basic understanding of aspects of soil structure, monitoring & managing acid soils and dryland salinity; and form part of a package that included supporting videos.

To view the information PDF requires the use of a PDF reader. This can be installed for free from the Adobe website (external link).

Image:  Principles of Sustainable Agriculture - Managing Soil Structure

managing soil structure.pdf
(PDF 1.9MB)
Image:  Monitoring and Managing Acid Soils

monitoring & managing acid soils dist.pdf
(PDF 2.0MB)
Image:  Dryland Salinity - Early indicators & Control measures

(PDF 3.0MB)
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