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Step 4.3 - What needs to be considered in the planning, design, cost and management of subsurface drip irrigation (SDI)?

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) systems involve the placement of permanent drip tapes below the ground surface to supply water directly to the crop root zone.

An example of the typical layout of a SDI system is shown in Figure 1.

Click the 'play' button to start the animation of the subsurface drip irrigation. The following animation illustrates the steps of the subsurface drip irrigation in simplified form and a transcript is available.

Figure 1. Typical layout of a subsurface drip system

This section focuses of the use of subsurface drip irrigation for pasture production, which has been the subject of a four year field experiment in northern Victoria. Basic information regarding the planning, design, cost, installation, management and maintenance of SDI systems is provided here. More detailed information specific to your circumstances can be obtained from SDI service providers and equipment suppliers.

This step will help you to assess the planning, design, cost, management and maintenance issues of subsurface drip irrigation on your farm.

Step 4.3.1 - What planning issues do I need to consider?
Step 4.3.2 - What needs to be considered in the design stage?
Step 4.3.3 - What does SDI cost?
Step 4.3.4 - How do I manage the system?
Step 4.3.5 - What system maintenance is required?
Step 4.3.6 - Installation of SDI 
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