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Walpeup Long-term Agro-ecological Site

Details of LTAE experiments at Walpeup.

Location area: Walpeup (Mallee Resaerch Station)
Long-term Permanent Fertiliser
Long-term Comparison of Rotation and Fallow Management Practices in the Victorian Mallee
Deep Drainage Lysimeter Trial
Start date194019851993
crop sequences
Fertiliser treatments – - Single superphosphate at 0, 35, 67, 101 and 135 kg/ha to wheat in the rotation. There were three separate sites.
In 1960, the rotation was changed to a two - course fallow – wheat system and plots were split for nitrogen fertiliser.
In 1987, the plots were split and under sown with Paraggio medic.
Three rotation treatments as main plots and two fallow management treatments as subplots.
Rotation treatments:
1. Pasture/Fallow/Wheat (PFW),
2. Fallow/Wheat (FW) and
3. Pasture/Wheat (PW).
Fallow management treatments:
1. Conventionally cultivated fallow (CC)and
2. chemical fallow (CF).
Two 3 phase rotations:
1. "fallow" (long fallow-wheat-field peas) and
2."continuously cropped" (Indian mustard-wheat-field peas). Each phase was represented each year.
Wheat, field peas and Indian mustard were sown at 60, 120 and 6 kg/ha, respectively, with 75 kg/ha of double super (0:17:0:4).
Fallow weed control was implemented in August.
Plot size2 m x 7 m40 m x 8 m20 m x 21 m
No plots201818
Soil TypeMallee sandy loam Mallee sandy loam Mallee sandy loam
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