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Catchment Analysis Tool

The Catchment Analysis Tool (CAT) provides a modelling framework at a catchment scale to assess farming and forestry impacts on streams and groundwater.

Information from exisiting models has been used to identify landscape, soil and plant interactions and predict water flow (surface and subsurface and deep drainage) for different plant systems.

Image: Catchment Analysis Tool

A series of fact sheets have been developed outlining CAT and its capabilities.

Fact Sheets
Technical Manual for the Catchment Analysis Tool

The CAT technical reference manual details the formulations embedded in the Catchment Analysis Tool (CAT1D) farming system model. The CAT1D model comprises a suite of farming system models of varying complexity from a simple crop cover approach to complex phenological based pasture, crop and forest growth models which simulate soil/water/plant interactions on a daily timestep.

Technical Manual for the Catchment Analysis Tool
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