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The Effects of Some Forest Practices on Water Quality and Yield in Reefton Experimental Area - Victoria

This report " The effects of some forest practices on water quality and yield in the Reefton Experimental Area, Victoria - Part 1, Pre-treatment phase, by A Y K Wu, M Papworth and D W Flinn , of the former Soil Conservation Authority - Hydrology Section and completed in 1984 deals with the pre-treatment phase of a controlled catchment experiment which was conceived in the mid 1950's and initiated in 1963. The aim of the study was to assess the effects on both water yield and water quality of some forest practices commonly used in the management of mixed species eucalypt forest in Victoria. The Experimental Area is located 105km east of Melbourne near Reefton. There are six gauged catchments ranging in size from 70.4 to 521.2 ha. The larger catchments have perennial streams whereas streamflow tends to be ephemeral in two of the catchments. The Reefton Experimental Area forms part of the water supply catchment area for Melbourne.

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Reefton Experimental Area - Pre-treatment Report
Front Page and Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
Description of experimental area
Instrumentation of catchments
Catchment hydrology and calibration
Appendix I - Monthly rainfall (mm) at Gauge 1 (Reefton Meteorological Station) between 1971 and 1980
Appendix II - Montly runoff (mm) from each catchment between 1971 and 1980Appendix II - Montly runoff (mm) from each catchment between 1971 and 1980
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