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Mount Dandenong Foothills Land Capability Study - Kilsyth Study Area

The former Soil Conservation Authority was approached in July 1978 by the then Upper Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Authority to provide an assessment of physical limitations of the land for urban and "rurban" development, intensive cropping and various recreational uses. The evaluation procedure is referred to as land capability assessment. The study area is located in Victoria, at Kilsyth, 30 kilometres east of the Melbourne GPO. The area is bounded by Canterbury Road, Colchester Road, Pig Lane (now named Pavitt Lane), Sheffield Road, Stradbroke Road and the Knox-Lillydale Shire boundary.

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Image:  Land Capability Study - Mount Dandenong Foothills - Kilsyth Study Area
Front Page and Table of Contents (PDF 16KB)
Foreword (PDF 74KB)
Introduction (PDF 13KB)
Physical Features of the Environment (PDF 25KB)
      2.1 Landform and Soils
      2.2 Geology and Soils
      2.3 Climate
      2.4 Existing Land Use
      2.5 Existing Vegetation
Methods of Determining Land Capability (PDF 34KB)
      3.1 The Mapping Units
      3.2 Capability Ratings and Land Use
Summary of Land Capability Ratings (PDF 1.6MB)
Glossary (PDF 14KB)
References (PDF 10KB)
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