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Location: Carwarp, north-western VictoriaLandform: Dune
Geology: Quaternary Woorinen Formation: aeolian dune sand, calcareous clayElement: Dune
Slope: 3%Aspect: North

NTF5 landscape
NTF5 landscape

Soil Profile Morphology:

Surface Soil

A110-30Reddish yellow (5YR6/8); loamy sand; apedal (single grain); very weak consistence when
dry; common very fine and fine roots; pH 8.8; sharp boundary to:
NTF5 profile
NTF5 profile - Hypercalcic, Red Kandosol
A1230-60Reddish yellow (5YR6/8); loamy sand; apedal (massive); weak consistence when moderately
moist; few very fine to fine roots; pH 8.7; abrupt boundary to:

B60-95Reddish yellow (5YR6/8); sandy loam (heavy); moderate medium to fine polyhedral
structure; rough ped fabric; firm consistence when moderately moist; very few medium size
organic root linings; few very fine roots; pH 8.8; abrupt boundary to:
D195-145Reddish yellow (5YR6/8); sandy loam (heavy); apedal (massive); very firm consistence when
dry; moderately cemented continuous massive calcrete pan; very highly calcareous; pH 9.0;
clear boundary to
D2145-155Reddish yellow (5YR7/8) with few medium size distinct red mottles; sandy clay loam; apedal
(massive); firm consistence when moderately moist; few coarse calcareous nodules; very
highly calcareous; pH 9.2.
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