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East Shepparton Soil Pit Sites

Gn20 | Gn21 | Gn22 | Gn23 | Gn24 | Gn25 | Gn26

These soil pit sites were described and analysed for the East Shepparton Landcare Group during early 1996. The sites were selected as examples of some of the major soil types in the East Shepparton area. However, it is not possible to give an estimate as to how representative these sites are of the major soil types.

It should be noted that extensive laser levelling has occurred throughout the area which will have resulted in changes to surface soil depth as compared to the original soil survey. Also, these pit sites are all located in between tree lines on orchards and are likely to have shallower surface soil than for areas under trees where hilling up has taken place.

This work was done as part of a National Landcare Program (NLP) funded project aiming to provide soil and land information to assist Landcare activities in Victoria.

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