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Pedology of the Goulburn Broken Area

Pedology of the Goulburn Valley Area, Victoria. Part 1 - Stratigraphy of Layers. Part 2 - Application in Irrigated Horticulture.

This report was prepared by Bruce Cockroft in 1965 for the former Department of Agriculture. It provides a systematic study of the depositional systems in the Goulburn Valley area in relation to soils and their problems under irrigated horticulture. The are a is apart of the Riverine Plain of south-eastern Australia which has been built up from deposition of Tertiary and Quaternary sediments. The soil materials are predominantly alluvial, and wide variations can be expected both laterally and in depth. The pattern of deposition has been studies mainly by bore traverses. Information was also obtained from deep bore logs, river cuttings, irrigation channels, sewerage trenches and from commercial quarries.

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