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Landholder Groups

There are approximately 120 Landcare Groups (external link) in the Goulburn Broken region. These groups play an important role in tackling many land and water degradation issues and can achieve more substantial results than landholders working individually. Further information regarding individual Landcare groups can be obtained from the GBCMA website listing of Landcare Groups in the Goulburn Broken Catchment (external link) or from Landcare facilitators located at major DPI/DSE sites throughout the region.

Further information can be found on the Landcare Australia website (external link).

Local Area Planning

Local Area Planning (external link) engages communities in discussion with a range of natural resource agencies and other players in the region about ways of increasing the rate at which on-ground works are completed.

These on-ground works aim to combat salinity; retain and extend threatened natural vegetation and fauna habitat; restore the health of rivers; manage weeds and pests and manage the landscape in general.

To successfully carry out these works, strong partnerships are needed between landowners and Government. However, the capacity of landowners to contribute can be limited by low farming profitability and the social capacity of the communities they live in. These issues also need to be considered when undertaking local area planning.
For More Information Contact:
  • Mid Goulburn-Broken section: John Clarke (03 57611611).
  • Shepparton Irrigation Region (including the Cornella-Corop Area): Helen Murdoch (03 5833 5222).
  • Upper Goulburn section: Russell Wealands, GBCMA, Yea (03 5797200).
  • The Local Area Planning (external link) website.
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