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Allambie (Ab)


Early Tertiary sediments (commonly known as the Childers geological formation) which are older than the early Tertiary basalts. In the zone where basalts overlie these sediments, particularly on steep slopes, landslips are common (Brumley, 1983).


Rolling low hills.

Map: Thumbnail of Allambie Region
Land Use

Mostly grazing, but where areas of this soil occurs within the Warragul mapping unit vegetable cropping may also occur.


Variable, including gritty versions of Warragul and Silver Creek to gravel deposits of that epoch.

Allambie with Warragul (Ab/Wg)

This mapping unit describes areas, comprising mostly the Allambie mapping unit with some areas of the Warragul mapping unit. The percentage of the dominant mapping unit is at least 70%.
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