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Irrigation System Selection Case Studies

Four case studies have been prepared to highlight the use of the 5 Step “Irrigation System Selection and Design Guidelines” by dairy farmers in northern Victoria. The Guidelines were developed to help landowners select the irrigation system that will best meet the needs of their farm.

Depending on the farm’s current base-line condition, the dairy farmers have started either at “Step 1”, for new irrigation development, or at a later decision point step as indicated in the ‘Guidelines’ for upgrading existing systems.

    To view the information PDF requires the use of a PDF reader. This can be installed for free from the Adobe website (external link).
      The first case study, Case Study 1 (PDF 103KB), describes the use of the Guidelines by a landowner to develop his irrigation system by installing a centre pivot irrigation system on his farm.

      Case Study 2 (PDF 126KB) examines how a landowner went through the 5-Step process and decided to improve his border-check irrigation system.

      Case Study 3 (PDF 62KB) describes a landowner’s decision not to make any change to his current border-check system after following through various steps of the Guidelines.

      Finally, Case Study 4 (PDF 29KB) describes a landowner’s experience in irrigation infrastructure improvement.
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