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Location: Delegate River

Australian Soil Classification: Oxyaquic HYDROSOL

Map Unit: River Valley
Previous Site Name: EG120

General Landscape Description: Valley flat
Site Description: Road reserve, level (land is periodically waterlogged)
Land Use: Adjoining land is grazed
Native Vegetation: Riparian woodland
Geology: Recent alluvium

Soils and landforms of Far East Gippsland - River valley EG120 landscape

Soil Profile Morphology:

Surface soil


0 – 25 cm

Very dark greyish brown (10YR3/2); silty loam; pH 5.0; clear change to:


25 – 40 cm

Greyish brown (10YR5/2) silty clay loam; apedal; firm consistence dry; sharp change to:



40 – 80+ cm

Grey (10Y/5/1); medium clay; pH 5.8.

Profile Described By: David Rees and Grant Boyle, 2000.
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