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In the West Gippsland region, the mean annual precipitation varies considerably with elevation - upland areas can receive three times the rainfall of lowlands. Annual precipitation ranges from less than 700 mm at Sale to over 1300 mm at Erica. The Strzelecki and Baw Baw Ranges are subject to major storms throughout the year. Occasional flooding occurs in the Latrobe, Thomson and Macalister River floodplains, particularly in the Maffra and Sale areas.

On average, the Highlands receive more rainfall at each time of the year, than the rest of the West Gippsland region. Furthermore, most of West Gippsland receives higher precipitation rates during the cooler months than in summer. Precipitation is lowest near the coast, increasing towards the Highlands.

The trends in rainfall also vary by location, with Wilsons Promontory, Olsens Bridge and Ellinbank all showing distinctly higher rates of rainfall in winter than summer months. By contrast, the mean rainfalls in East Sale and Maffra remain relatively constant throughout the year. There is also a trend for the rates of precipitation to decrease eastwards.

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