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Victorian Volcanic Plain

Victorian Volcanic Plain is dominated by Cainozoic volcanic deposits. These deposits formed an extensive flat to undulating basaltic plain with stony rises, old lava flows, numerous volcanic cones and old eruption points and is dotted with shallow lakes both salt and freshwater.
The soils are variable ranging from red friable earths and acidic texture contrast soils (Ferrosols and Kurosols) on the higher fertile plain to scoraceous material, and support Plains Grassy Woodland and Plains Grassland ecosystems.
Calcareous sodic texture contrast soils grading to yellow acidic earths (Chromosols and Sodosols to Dermosols), on the intermediate plain, and grey cracking clays (Vertosols) on the low plains, support Stony Knoll Shrubland, Plains Grassy Woodland and Plains Grassy Wetland ecosystems.
On the stony rises (volcanic outcropping) the stony earths (Dermosols and Tenosols) support Stony Rises Herb-rich Woodland, Basalt Shrubby Woodland and Herb-rich Foothill Forest ecosystems.

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Image: Bioregions Volcanic Plain
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