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Soil Phosphorus Cycle in a Grazing System

Phosphorus is necessary for all life. Phosphorus is cycled in various forms through soil, water and living organisms.

Phosphorus is essential to grow crops and pastures, and productive agriculture depends on it. Phosphorus is often added to the soil through fertiliser and other organic inputs, and living organisms within the soil are responsible for transforming Phosphorus into forms that are available to plants.

The following animation provides a simple illustration of the cycle of Phosphorus in soil in a grazing system. Click on this Phosphorus animation to start. PLEASE NOTE: Click on Full Screen to read the text as there is no sound with this animation.

An additional animation has been developed for further information on the transformation and transportation of Phosphorus in an agricultural landscape. PLEASE NOTE: No audio.

PLEASE NOTE: No audio. Click on 'Full Screen' to read the text as there is no sound with this animation.

A transcript of the soil phosphorus cycle in a grazing system animation is available.
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