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Victorian Resources Online What is the up-front capital cost of a centre pivot system?

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Capital costs: The capital cost of pivot systems can vary considerably, depending upon the specification of the machine, the supply infrastructure, the cost of connecting electricity, and to a certain extent, the competitiveness of the supplier.

An example of the cost of a recently installed machine (2005) is given below. It is a 390 m (48 ha) 7-span pivot with a system capacity of 16 mm/d. It has no end gun, and is fitted with boombacks and wobbler sprinklers.

The pivot
$ 106,000
Supply mainline (250 mm, 400 m), suction
$ 21,000
Pump, motor and filter
$ 16,000
Electrical installation
$ 6,000
Pump shed, concrete slab
$ 5,000
Electricity supply extension
$ 15,000
$ 169,000
    This is equivalent to $3,250 per ha.

    Note: To compare this with border-check irrigation costs in Step 4.1.3, make sure that you allow for all costs such as sowing pastures, fencing, whole farm plan preparation and ideally a drainage reuse system.
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