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Victorian Resources Online - How do I minimise wheel rutting?

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Wheel ruts, which form as a result of repeated passes of the towers over wet ground, can be a problem. Unless the site is very sandy, and you are sure that wheel ruts will not cause problems, machines should be fitted with “dry-wheel packs” (half-throw sprinklers on solid drops or boombacks at each tower), to minimise the amount of water hitting the towers and wetting the wheel tracks.

Minor additional capital expense on a dry-wheel pack (say $1500 to $4000) can prevent significant repair jobs later. More than $25,000 has been spent on several sites to repair severe ruts - see DPI Agnote “Centre Pivot Wheel Rutting”.

Photo:  Wheel Rutting
Wheel Rutting
Photo:  Wheel Rutting bad
Bad Wheel Rutting

Hopper and crowder developed to drop gravel in wheel ruts

Wheel track filled with gravel
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