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Victorian Resources Online - What are the water supply issues?

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The water supply flow rate and timing of delivery are more sensitive for centre pivots than for border-check irrigation.

  • A centre pivot is designed for a specific flow rate, and the pump will stop if the available flow rate drops below this design flow.
  • Unplanned delays in irrigation delivery timing can be more serious for centre pivot irrigated crops because they are operating under a narrower soil moisture range.

Can the water supply authority supply the required flow rate with the reliability required? For further information on this and other water supply issues, see DPI Agnote “Centre Pivots and Rural Water Authorities

An on-site storage can provide flexibility to enable timely irrigation as required. A storage capacity providing for at least one day of pivot operation is desirable.
E.g. a pivot with a flow rate of 6 ML/d would preferably have a storage of 6 ML or more available.
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