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Giant Gippsland Earthworm

(Megascolides australis)

Management of farm habitats in South Gippsland

Conservation Status

Nationally vulnerable to extinction

Gippsland Region
Gippsland Plain Bioregion
Jumbunna, Ellinbank

Agricultural Industries
Dairy, Beef

What is the problem
  • The species is largely confined to private farmland and can survive under pasture.
  • Small isolated populations and low reproductive rates make it vulnerable to disturbance
  • To prevent farm impacts on GGE sites, these micro-habitats need to be identified.

What are the solutions
  • Small, localised distribution often associated with streams makes exclusion of threats feasible, with little loss of productive land.
  • Prevent cultivation, heavy cattle grazing and effluent run-off at these sites.
  • Avoid very dense tree planting on earthworm sites, to maintain existing water regimes.

What farmers said
“…conserving the sites has resulted in little if any impact on either the productivity or profitability of the farm”
PHOTO: Giant Gippsland Earthworm
Gippsland Giant Earthworm (image: Alan Yen)

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