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Land Systems of Victoria (report)

The initiative of this report - Land Systems in Victoria, published by the former Department of Conservation and Environment and the Land Conservation Council in 1990 - arose from the Council's Statewide Assessment of Public Land Use, which required information on land systems across the State. Jim Rowan combined maps from existing reports and unpublished material, filled the unmapped gaps, applied a consistent method to identify and describe the land systems, and prepared most of this report. Simon Ransome prepared some of the report and supervised its production.

The resulting report provides an excellent overview of land systems across the State, summarising overstorey vegetation, soils and processes of soil deterioration, with references to more detailed published studies.

Land Systems of Victoria, 1990

Image:  Land Systems Victoria - Jim Rowan
Front Page and TOC (PDF 505KB)
Foreword (PDF 176KB)
Acknowledgements (PDF 115KB)
Introduction (PDF 1.1MB)
Guide to Use (PDF 365KB)
Availability of Maps (PDF 2.0MB)
References (PDF 377KB)
Appendices (PDF 348KB)
Appendix 1 - 7.34 Wolfscrag Land System (Wg) (PDF 988KB)
Appendix 2 - 1. Land Characteristics and Management Factors involved in Sheet and Rill Erosion (PDF 511KB)
Appendix 3 - Methods and Sources used to Environmental Features (PDF 207KB)

This report - Land Systems of Victoria, January 2000 Edition 3, published by David Rees of the former Centre for Land Protection Research - includes substantial extracts and modified material from other relevant sources as well as much new material:

The unpublished draft of Land Systems of Victoria-Edition 2 (Rowan, Russell and Ransome, 1994) which itself drew on a number of sources, including the assessment of the productive potential and inherent susceptibility to degradation from the 1991 State of the Environment report, and the original report by Rowan (1990).

Land Systems of Victoria, January 2000 Edition 3

Image:  Land Systems Victoria - David Rees
Front Page, acknowledgements, preface and TOC (PDF 85KB)
Introduction (PDF 20KB)
Land systems (PDF 627KB)
Description of Statewide Land Systems of Victoria (PDF 844KB)
Geomorphic Divisions of Victoria (PDF 1.8MB)
Productivity and Land Degradation Hazards (PDF
Descriptions of the Land Systems (PDF 434KB)
Limitations and Use of the Database (PDF620KB)
References (PDF 12KB)
Appendix (PDF 12KB)
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Access to spatial data

A spatial dataset of Land Systems of Victoria (DOI 10.4226/92/58e727e0dd1be) is freely available through the DataVic website.
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