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5.1.9 Linear dunes co-dominant on subdued strandline ridge lands

5. North Western Dunefields and Plains (DP)
5.1 Calcareous dunefields

On the western flanks of the Millewa Ridge the strandline ridges are subdued. They are generally shorter in length, up to 20 kilometres, and have a relief of between 10 and 20 metres. These ridges are likely to be remnants of prominent strandline ridges that have been eroded over time. The Millewa area lies within the Murray Sunset National Park.

Susceptibility to wind erosion is high because of the linear dunes with surfaces of reddish yellow sands. Medium textured Calcarosols on the ridges and intervening plains have a lower susceptibility.
Thumbnail map showing location of the GMU 5.1.9
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