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5.1.6 Linear dunes sub-dominant on prominent strandline ridge lands

5. North Western Dunefields and Plains (DP)
5.1 Calcareous dunefields

Strandline ridges occur outside the regional depressions at elevations above 80 metres. Prominent ridges alternate with plains to the west, east and south-west of the Tyrrell Depression, and also further north on the higher parts of the Millewa Ridge. Boundaries are clear between adjacent units and are evident on digital elevation models of the region.

East-west dunes occupy only about 5 % of the landscape in the southern areas, and about 20 % to the east and west of Patchewollock. North east - south west Ridges also occur on inter-ridge plains in the south.
Thumbnail map showing location of the GMU 5.1.6
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