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A Study of the land in the Catchment of the Broken River

This information has been directly obtained from the publication: "A Study of the Land in the Catchment of the Broken River". This report was prepared by Allen S. Rundle and R. K. Rowe and published in 1974 by the Soil Conservation Authority.

Please note this report has been split into 5 parts for downloading. Landsystems are listed separately.

Image: Broken River Catchment report cover
broken river summary.pdf
(PDF 34KB)
Part I - Introduction
broken river part 1.pdf
(PDF 126KB)
Part II - The Environment
broken river part 2.pdf
(PDF 1.2MB)

Part IV - Land use

broken river part 4.pdf
(PDF 272KB)

Part V - Acknowledgements, References, Appendices
broken river part 5.pdf
(PDFf 860KB)

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