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Top Crop11

Location: Saint James
General Landscape Description: Level plain.Land Use: Cropping paddock

Soil Profile Morphology:

Surface Soil
0-10 cm
Brown (7.5YR4/4); fine sandy clay loam; hardsetting; weak coarse blocky structure; firm consistence (dry); few (2-5%) quartz gravels (2-4 mm); sharp change to:

10-15 cm
Strong brown (7.5YR5/6) with pink (7.5YR7/4) mottles; very fine sandy clay loam; apedal; firm consistence (dry); iron and manganese segregations (2-5 mm); sharp change to:

Note: The A2 horizon is discontinuous – buckshot probably associated with gilgai depression.

15-30 cm
Yellowish brown (10YR5/6) with brownish yellow (10YR6/8) mottles common; medium heavy clay; strong very coarse prismatic, parting to moderate coarse blocky structure; strong consistence (dry); clear change to:

30-55 cm
Brownish yellow (10YR6/6); medium heavy clay; gradual change to:

55-100 cm
Yellowish brown (10YR5/8); medium heavy clay; slightly calcareous; many slickensides present; carbonate silica nodules (at >1m depth occur in patches).
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