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Location: Mooroopna North
Australian Soil Classification: Episodic, Epipedal, Brown VERTOSOLNorthcote Factual Key: Ug
Great Soil Group: red-brown earth

GN30 landscape
GN30 Landscape

Soil Profile Morphology:

Surface Soil

A10-30 cmBrown (10YR4/3) medium clay; strong coarse blocky, breaking down to moderate medium blocky structure; firm consistence moist; pH 8.6;clear and wavy change to:
GN30 profile
GN30 Profile
B2130-50 cmYellowish brown (10YR5/6) [with patches of strong brown (7.5YR5/6) and red (2.5YR4/8) mottles] medium clay; very firm consistence moist; contains a slight (2-5 %) amount of manganese nodules (2 mm size) and a trace (2 %) amount of soft carbonate; slickensides present; gradual change to:
B2250-70 cmYellowish brown (10YR5/6) medium clay; firm consistence moist; clear change to:
B370-110 cmDark yellowish brown (10YR4/4) medium clay.

Key Profile Features:

Soil Profile Characteristics:
Salinity Rating
Surface soil
(A1 horizon)
Strongly Alkaline
Upper subsoil
(B21 horizon)
Strongly Alkaline
Deep subsoil
(at 1 m)
Moderately Acid

GN30 graphs

Management Considerations:

Surface (A) Horizon

  • Moderate to strong dispersion without remoulding
Subsoil (B) Horizons
  • Strong dispersion without remoulding.

Profile described by Mark Imhof and Paul Rampant (5/7/96)
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