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The tunnel and gully erosion maps for the Corangamite catchment management region are subsets from the original data presented in the articles on tunnel erosion and gully erosion in the Statewide VRO website, so that the accuracy of information has not been improved.

Tunnel Erosion
Corangamite Tunnel Erosion

Most tunnelling was located in the northern and southern parts of the region although some may have been destroyed (such as those discussed by Pitt in 1981) whilst new tunnels may have formed elsewhere and are not marked n this map.

Gully Erosion
Corangamite Gully Erosion
Similarly, the spatial distribution of gully erosion in the region may have altered since the time the map was constructed. The highest density of gullying was 0.2 – 0.5 km/km2 in patches south-west of Ballarat and east of Timboon whilst a large area of gully erosion < 0.2 km/km2 was found in the northern part of the region where it bore some coincidence with the pattern of tunnelling. A smaller patch of gullying < 0.2 km/km2 was located north-west of Lorne but, generally speaking, gully density is rated as ‘low’ in most of the region.


Pitt, A.J. (1981) A study of the land in the catchments of the Otway Range and adjacent plains. Soil Conservation Authority of Victoria Technical Communication No. 14. (Government Printer: Melbourne)

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