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Riverine (riv)


Recent (contemporary) alluvium sediments deposited by various streams.


Alluvial valley flood plain. Numerous abandoned channels and natural levees are features of this map unit.
This will be defined as a landform pattern of low relief and includes one or more terraces and often a flood plain. It is characterised by being relatively narrow and continuous as well as adjoining and including an active stream.

Map: Riverine
Map: Riverine soil

Original Vegetation

The original vegetation was cleared as the land is highly prized for summer grazing. This image shows the floodplain and terraces of Merriman's Creek. The floodplain is part of the Riverine map unit and the terraces form part of the Merriman's Creek map unit.


As the soil deposits are geologically recent, they show little soil profile development. The surface soils of this unit are all very dark grey to dark greyish brown and usually clay loams to very fine sandy or silty loams. At about 60 cm there is generally a weak increase in texture. Colours are generally mottled light brownish grey and yellowish brown. The soils tend to be Hydrosols (according to the Australian Soil Classification) and are generally saturated for a number of months in most years. Soil Site GP50 is an example of a Hydrosol on the Tarra River flats. In some cases, the profiles can be quite clayey throughout e.g. recent deposits from Jack River. Soil Site GP40 is an example of a Vertosol near Jack River.

Photo: Overlooking the Tarra River near Yarram - an example of a Riverine mapping unit.
Overlooking the Tarra River near Yarram - an example of a Riverine mapping unit.

Chemical and Physical Analysis

No analyses have been carried out on these soils.


Most of the alluvial valleys have been included in this mapping unit.

Land Use

Grazing of sheep and cattle is generally carried out on this map unit.
Photo: West Gippsland Merriman's Creek
Terrace and present floodplain of Merrimans Creek.
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