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Merrimans Creek (Mc)


Quaternary (Late Pleistocene) alluvium.


Alluvial terrace. This is an earlier flood plain of Merrimans Creek.

Original Vegetation

Little remains of the original vegetation.
Map: Merrimans Creek Map Unit
Map: Merrimans Creek in West Gippsland

Photo: West Gippsland Merriman's Creek
This image shows the first terrace of Merriman's Creek. This is part of the Merriman's Creek map unit. The floodplain below the terrace is part of the Riverine map unit.

Previous Maps and Reports

No previously published reports cover these soils.


The surface soils are generally shallow very dark grey to very dark greyish brown
clay loams about 15 to 20 cm deep, overlying yellowish brown to olive brown medium clays. Some areas may have light clay surface soils.

Chemical and Physical Analysis

No analyses have been carried out on these soils.

Land Use

Grazing of sheep and cattle is generally carried out on this map unit. They are too clayey to have any horticultural potential.
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