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2.2.6 - Do I have access to 3 phase electricity?

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Electricity is preferable to diesel as a power source because it is generally cheaper to run and requires less maintenance. Low head pumping such as required for border-check irrigation drainage reuse may be powered by single phase electricity.

3-phase electricity (rather than single phase) is desirable for pumping operations needing more than about 8 kW. A typical 400 m long (50 ha) pivot with a system capacity of 12 mm/d (6 ML/d), operating at 35 m (50 psi) total head would require about 45 kw and hence 3-phase electricity.

This may not be available at the site, or may cost an excessive amount to extend to the site. Check the availability of 3-phase electricity and the cost of extending it to your site. Some people have spent up to $20,000 (and more) to have 3-phase electricity connected.

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