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2.2 - What are my farm’s features and constraints?

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Informed irrigation system selection relies on a good understanding of the features and constraints of your farm. There are certain farm features that are a ‘given’ for a particular farm; for example, soil types on your farm are ‘given’ as there is not much you can do to change it. Other features are changeable; for example, the location of a fence. You need to consider these features carefully before considering options for irrigation system selection. The following questions will help explore these features and constraints.

2.2.1 - What soil type do I have?
2.2.2 - What is the shape of my farm/site?
2.2.3 - Are there any physical constraints on my farm/site?
2.2.4 - Are there trees on my farm/site?
2.2.5 - How undulating is my land?
2.2.6 - Do I have access to 3 phase electricity?
2.2.7 - Do I have access to surface drainage?
2.2.8 - Do I have/need sub-surface drainage?
2.2.9 - What is my water supply?
2.2.10 - What is my water quality?
2.2.11 - What external or catchment issues do I need to consider?

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