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2.2.7 - Do I have access to surface drainage?

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Good drainage is important to prevent waterlogging of crops and pastures. Farm drains remove water to a drainage reuse system and to the regional drainage system (in times of excessive rainfall), or to a substantial farm storage where access to regional drainage is not available.

Access to regional surface drainage allows landowners to efficiently cope with major rainfall events. Surface drainage is more important for border-check systems than for pressurised irrigation systems; the soil is not normally saturated using centre pivot irrigation as typically less water is applied than is required to saturate the soil and induce runoff. However, after significant rainfall, run-off will occur even from centre pivot circles and surface drainage will be required.

There are incentives available for landowners in the Shepparton Irrigation Region (SIR) not serviced by the regional (Goulburn-Murray Water - G-MW) drainage system to design and build community surface drains for their sub-catchment, through the Community Surface Water Management Program. For more information, contact by email the Department of Environment and Primary Industries Customer Service Centre, or Goulburn-Murray Water Tatura (external link).
Photo: 2.2.7
A recently constructed community drain
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