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Floodplain Management

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The Bureau of Meteorology website provides daily River Height Bulletins (external link) across Victoria.

Only five years after the devastating 1993 floods, North East Victoria experienced major flooding in September 1998. The recurrence intervals of floods can be summarised as follows:

  • Mitta Mitta River below Dartmouth: 10 years
  • Kiewa River: 90 years
  • Middle Ovens: 30 years (upper reaches greater than 50 years)
  • Buffalo River: 20 years
  • King River: greater than 100 years (lower reaches 50 years)
  • Lower Ovens River: 25 years
The North East Catchment Management Authority (external link) has since undertaken an extensive program of flood level surveys along the Kiewa, Yachandandah, King and Ovens Rivers. There are 15 streamflow measurement sites in the Upper Murray Basin, 10 in the Kiewa and 26 in the Ovens catchment (NECALPB, 1997). The CMA has also written a Regional Floodplain Management Strategy and a Regional Rural Drainage Management Strategy which is available online.

The CMA now provides access to local government for referral and technical advice with respect to floodplain management throughout the region (NECMA, 1999).

A wide range of flooplain data can be accessed via MapShare (external site) in the form of an interactive map, using information from DPI/DSE. The Catchment and Water Mapper section provides information on themes such as rivers, 1 in 100 year flood, floodways, and river basins.


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North East Catchment Management Authority (1999). Annual Report 1998-99. Wodonga.
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