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Mallee Soil Erosion and Land Management Survey

Dry aggregate collection.
    The former Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Farm Services Victoria (FSV) in partnership with the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (external link) (Mallee CMA) conducts the Mallee Soil Erosion and Land Management Survey through funding provided by the Victorian State Government.

    The Mallee Soil Erosion and Land Management Survey commenced in 1978 as a means to assess land management practices and the degree to which erosion was occurring on dryland agricultural land in the Victorian Mallee region. Data has been collected annually over the past 30 years. In 2005-2006 the survey underwent a review and redesign with the current methods commencing in 2007.

    The survey is currently conducted three times a year with in-paddock measurements undertaken at 157 sites for the assessment of current management, erosion risk (vegetation cover & soil dry aggregates), livestock presence and centre point photograph.

    Available reports:

    Post Sowing 2012 | Spring 2012 | Late Summer 2012 | Post Sowing 2011 | Spring 2011

Mallee soil erosion and land management survey map
Figure 1: Map of the 157 sites where the soil erosion
monitoring is being conducted.
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