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Site: GL7Land Unit: Dissected Slates
Aust. Soil Class.: Mottled, ?, Brown CHROMOSOL (confidence level 3)

Soil pit GL7 auger

      General Land Unit Description:
      This land unit covers a small area of dissected slopes leading to the Glenelg River and its tributaries, as well as a small area adjacent to Rocklands Reservoir. The most common landform is undulating rises, although there are some gentler slopes coming off the rises. There is also a small patch of low hills that have not been mapped due to restrictions of scale. This area would have a lower capability for land use options due to slope, soil and rock outcrop restrictions.

Site Description:

Geology: Cambrian schistsLandform pattern: Undulating rises
Position in landscape: Lower slopeInternal drainage: Moderately well drained

Soil Profile Morphology

A11010 cmVery dark brown (10YR2/2) loamy sand, weak subangular blocky structure (2-10 mm), weak consistence when dry, pH 6. Transition to:

A1210-30 cmVery dark grey (10YR3/1) loamy sand, massive structure, firm consistence when dry, pH 6. Transition to:

B2160-70 cmBrown (10YR4/3) light clay, many faint orange and yellow mottles, moderate to weak subangular blocky structure (2-10 mm), very firm consistence when dry, many medium rounded to ferruginous nodules, pH 7. Transition to:

B2270-120 cmLight olive brown (2.5Y5/4) medium heavy clay, many distinct orange and yellow mottles, moderate subangular blocky structure, pH 6.5. Transition to:

BC120-150+ cmGrey, medium heavy clay, many prominent orange and red mottles.

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