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Management Strategies

EGIS Consulting and the East Gippsland CMA have developed a Regional Floodplain Management Strategy (RFMS) for the region. Preparation of the RFMS included region wide consultation with floodplain management stakeholders and was conducted during 2000. The strategy comprises eight programs for pro-active coordination and implementation of flood management measures. It covers the entire catchments of the Mitchell and Tambo Rivers and parts of the Snowy and East Gippsland River Basins to the extent that they are included in the East Gippsland CMA's operating region. The RFMS will aim to improve floodplain management; reduce flood damage; improve the well-being of landowners, and reduce adverse impacts on the natural environment.

The Rural Drainage Management Strategy (RDMS) has also been developed by EGIS Consulting and the East Gippsland CMA. The RDMS comprises four programs for pro-active coordination and implementation of rural drainage management measures within the East Gippsland CMA operating region. The RDMS excludes urban drainage management which is the responsibility of the municipalities, and irrigation scheme drainage, which would be the responsibility of the Southern Rural Water Authority. The RDMS aims to improve drainage management, and reduce adverse impacts of drainage on the natural environment. The programs, which define the nature and scope of the strategy, are closely related to those of the Victoria Flood Management Strategy.

An East Gippsland Flood Warning Systems Report has been developed by the East Gippsland Shire to address the recommendations of experts for creating an effective Flood Warning System within the Shire. While Flood Warning Systems do not prevent floods from causing damage, it is anticipated that improved flood warning systems will assist in minimising flood damage.


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