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Temperature and Evaporation

Photo: Sunrise over the Curdies River at Peterborough (photograph: Mark Imhof).
Sunrise over the Curdies River at Peterborough (photograph: Mark Imhof).

Evaporation across the region is also closely related to altitude and latitude (solar radiation). Only four Bureau of Meteorology evaporation stations are situated in the Corangamite region. The seasonal balance between rainfall and evaporation is a critical factor in the hydrologic budget for salinity studies. Areas where evaporation exceeds rainfall for most months of the year are more likely to accumulate evaporative salts in the soil profile.

Average Annual Evaporation
Average Total Annual Evaporation

This map has been developed by Peter Dahlhaus and Tony Davidson, using ANUCLIM, a climatic model developed by the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies at the Australian National University. The model uses 300 X 300 metre grid cells. Original data was provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. The map provides an overview of the Total Average Annual Evaporation across the region.
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