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Victorian Resources Online - Do I have a Whole Farm Plan?

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To discuss your Whole Farm Plan contact DEPI Tatura reception on 03 5833 5222.

Preparing a Whole Farm Plan (WFP) is the fundamental first step in developing an irrigation system. It is particularly important for border-check irrigation as it integrates all farm development components, including :
  • the water supply – channels and structures;
  • the bays – their length, width, and flow rates, to suit the slopes, soil types and grazing rotation;
  • the drainage system – including drainage reuse, and off-farm drainage;
  • stock access;
  • tree plantings, and
  • all other farm development activities such as where any new buildings are to be located.

A good WFP ensures that maximum productivity is obtained from the resources available.
      A whole farm plan is essential
For more information on developing WFPs, contact your local DPI office. Note that financial assistance is available for development of WFPs in many areas.
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