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4.1.3 Lakes and basins with lunettes (Kow Swamp, Lake Cooper, Kanyapella depression)

4. Northern Riverine Plain (RP)
4.1 - Modern floodplains

Lakes, swamps and depressions with bordering lunettes are found across the plain as at Kow Swamp (Thorne & Macumber, 1972), Lake Cooper and the Kanyapella depression near Echuca (Bowler, 1967). Deflation of lake floor sediments to produce lunettes has provided depositional sequences recording lake and climatic changes over as much as the past 50 000 years, as demonstrated at the Kerang lakes (Macumber, 1978b), Lake Kanyapella (Bowler & Harford, 1966), Lake Tyrrell (Bowler & Teller, 1986), and the related sequences of the Willandra Lakes, north of the River Murray in New South Wales (Bowler, 1983).
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