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Shire of Korumburra - A Soil Inventory and Land Capability Assessment

This report provides details of the land and soil characteristics within the former Shire of Korumburra. It was conducted by L A White, P J Kelynack and P D Cook of the former Department of Conservation, Forests and Land, and published in August 1985.

The study was undertaken at a scale of 1:50,000 following requests made to the former Land Protection Service (LPS) in June 1984 by the former Department of Planning and Environment on behalf of the Shire. No definitive guidelines were set for the study, however, the Shire was seeking assistance with its land planning programs. The LPS sought information that would be of assistance to the planning of field operations for land degradation control and farm development proposals.

The purpose of the study was therefore to –

    • Provide a land/soil inventory at an appropriate scale that would be of practical assistance for future planning needs;
    • Provide broad-scale information on the soil, landscape stability and erosion status.
    • Provide sound land capability guidelines which would serve as a basis for further, more detailed work.

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Shire of Korumburra - A Soil Inventory and Land Capability Assessment

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