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Victorian Resources Online - How big should my drainage reuse system be?

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Adoption of higher inflow rates can increase volumes of runoff, and inadequate or poorly maintained drains can increase the duration of ponding on bays. Surface drainage systems must have sufficient capacity to accommodate irrigation runoff, particularly on farms using higher inflow rates.

The recommended drainage reuse storage capacity is 0.75 ML per 10 ha of perennial pasture (15% of an average irrigation application).

A practical consideration is to make the drainage reuse storage large enough to provide at least the amount of earth needed for channel and laneway pads.

Financial assistance is available in the SIR for the installation of drainage reuse systems. For more information, contact your local DPI office.

Note that the maximum capacity for new storages, as determined by the farm dams legislation, is 1 ML per 10 ML of irrigated land. See Step - Irrigation Farm Dams.
      The drainage reuse sump must be well located and well designed
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