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Land Degradation

See also Statewide Land Degradation

The tunnel and gully erosion maps shown here are subsets from the original data presented in the articles on tunnel erosion and gully erosion in the Statewide VRO website, so that the accuracy of information has not been improved. Tunnel erosion has been found in clusters, especially around Sunbury and in the area between Romsey and Lilydale. Others sites were observed near the Bunyip River and in the south-eastern part of the region. Some of these tunnels may have been destroyed whilst new tunnels may have formed elsewhere and are not marked.

Similarly, the spatial distribution of gully erosion in the region may have altered since the time that the map was constructed. The highest density of gullying recorded was 0.2 - 0.5 km/km2 around Sunbury and it extended to the north-east near Kilmore. A large area of gully density < 0.2 km/km2 was mapped to the north-east, east and south-east of Melboune. Most tunnel erosion occurred in gullied areas with these two density classes. Gully density was rated as 'low' in most of the region.
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