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175. Chambers Point to Long Point - Raised Beaches

This information has been developed from one or more of these publications:

  • Sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance in the Westernport Bay Catchment (1984) by Neville Rosengren.
  • Sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance in the Western Region of Melbourne (1986) by Neville Rosengren
  • Sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance on the Coast of Port Phillip Bay (1988) by Neville Rosengren.
  • Sites of Environmental Significance in the Flood Plain of the Upper Yarra Valley Region (1983) by Neville Rosengren, Douglas Frood and Kim Lowe (as part of a study of Sites of Environmental Significance by the University of Melbourne for the then Upper Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Authority).
Geological heritage sites, including sites of geomorphological interest and volcanic heritage sites, are under regular revision by the Geological Society of Australia, especially in the assessment of significance and values. Reference should be made to the most recent reports. See the Earth Science Heritage section of the Geological Society of Australia website (external link) for details of geological heritage reports, and a bibliography.


Woolamai 515373 to Rhyll 50389. The site is a narrow coastal strip on the western shoreline of Swan Bay.
Image: Sites of Significance Westernport Bay
Bluff (A), saltmarsh terrace (B), relict gravel
beach (arrowed), mangrove (C) north
of Pleasant Point, Site 175.
Access:McFees Road.
Ownership:Crown land and some private land.
Geomorphology:The coastline included in the site is one of low bluffs fringed in the north by mangrove and saltmarsh and in the south by gravel beaches that lie as a veneer over a sloping ramp cut in weathered basalts. At Pleasant Point and to the west of Chambers Point are short sectors of active cliff. Of particular interest north of Pleasant Point is a low terrace of gravel and sand inland of the mangrove and saltmarsh zone and 0.5 m above high water mark. South of Pleasant Point and at Chambers Point is a slightly higher terrace containing rounded small gravels and marine shells. This deposit rests on an eroded basalt surface that appears to be a former higher level shore platform. Inland of this and 500 m south-west of Chambers Point is a distinctive bench up to 50 m wide and 3 to 5 m above present high water mark.
Significance:State. The site contains several features strongly suggestive of an origin related to a higher Holocene sea level. The features are in close proximity and constitute an important assemblage of emerged coastal forms. No detailed analysis of the age or origin of these features has yet been undertaken.
Management:Class 1. Further disturbance to the site by any means should be prohibited. The Crown Reserve should be fenced to exclude stock in all parts of the site and drainage or removal of any material should be prohibited. Building of coastal protection structures and boat harbour or launching facilities should not be permitted here.

Image: Sites of Significance Westernport Bay
Shell bed (A), stratified gravels (B), eroded

basalt platform surface (arrowed), Site 175.
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