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Land Capability Assessment of the Creswick Water Supply Catchments

This study, prepared by L D Russell of the former Soil Conservation Authority, was published in May 1979. The study examined the environments and land capability of the catchments to the reservoirs which are part of the town water supply system for Creswick.

Fifteen map units were identified, mapped and rated for various residential uses and for intensive cultivation. In general, the basalt-based map units have a higher capability for the specified uses than do the sedimentary-based map units. However, in both cases, the capability declined with increasing slope or poorer drainage.

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Map Units (pdf documents)

Drainage line, basalt - dlb (PDF 65KB)Drainage line, ordovician - Dlo (PDF 65KB)Escarpment, gentle - Eg (PDF 65KB)Escarpment, steep - Es (PDF 65KB)
Ordovician, rolling hills - Orh (PDF 66KB)Ordovician, rolling - Orr (PDF 67KB)Ordovician, steep - Ors (PDF 65KB)Ordovician, undulating- Oru (PDF 86KB)
Quaternary, basalt cap - Qbc (PDF 64KB)Quaternary, basalt hilly - Qbh (PDF 66KB)Quaternary, basalt rolling - Qbr (PDF 80KB)Quaternary, basalt steep - Qbs (PDF 64KB)
Quaternary, basalt undulating - Qbu (PDF 65KB)Quaternary, basalt wet - Qbw (PDF 65KB)Tertiary undulating - Tu (PDF 64KB)Images relating to Map Units (PDF

Image: Land Capability Assessment of the Creswick Water Supply Catchments
Front Page, Table of Contents and Summary (PDF 56KB)
Acknowledgements (PDF 46KB)
Foreword (PDF 50KB)
Introduction (PDF 109KB)
Land Capability Assessment (PDF 59KB)
Description of the Environment (PDF 54KB)
Summary of the Capability Ratings (PDF 1.1MB)
Conservation Management Practices (PDF 54KB)
Glossary (PDF 53KB)
Reference Material (PDF 47KB)
Plates (PDF 909KB)
Appendix I - Map Units (PDF 45KB)
(Refer to list above)
Appendix II - Rating Tables (PDF 77 kb)
Appendix III - Land Features used in Land Capability Assessment (PDF 62KB)
Appendix IV - Vegetation (PDF 44KB)

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